KDE blowing out candles on FISL 17!

Decorated booth.

During the last week happened another edition of FISL, the Free Software International Forum, which is held since 2000 in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Our participation, as I had already announced here, was very special because we celebrate 20 years of the KDE community this year. The birthday it is only in October but as we could not pass up the opportunity to celebrate this date in such an important event as the FISL, we have prepared a special program.

On the first day it happened our mini-event, the Engrenagem (“Gear” in English), in which members of our community presentend several talks on various issues related to KDE. The Engrenagem was opened by David Edmundson talk, one of the Plasma developers.


My talk was the next. Its title was “20 anos de KDE: de Desktop a Guarda-Chuva de Projetos” (20 years of KDE: From Desktop to Project Umbrella). I presented the evolution process of our community, which led it from a desktop project to a incubator community. For those who did not attend the event the talk was recorded and it is available here. Below I also make available the slides of my presentation:

In addition to our talks, we have also prepared some surprises for the community of fans who showed up there. On the penultimate day of the event we had a special time in which we decorate our booth with balloons and a few other things, completing with birthday cake and candles! ❤

Our cake!


Who has not seen our talks can watch them here, searching by the “Engrenagem” term. All talks were recorded.

Who want to check out our photos at FISL, just visit our flickr 🙂

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