LaKademy 2015: Returning to the beginning


Exactly five years I came to Salvador to attend my first KDE event. It was the debut of Akademy-BR and my debut as a community contributor. At the time, I was already using KDE for 3 years but I had not contributed to the community of software that I always liked. It was the perfect time to start!:)

Me, younger, thinner and a padawan :)

Me at the Akademy-BR 2010, younger, thinner and a padawan:)

Since then I never stopped. I was increasingly strengthening the ties with the community and dedicating part of my time to it. I became part of the translation team. And I became also (inevitably) part of the promo team, presenting talks, participating in many events such as KDE representative. Lately I have also worked with artwork, producing promotional material for the events we participate in and the events we organize. This LaKademy art, for example, was made by me:)

Well, but let’s talk about the event itself!

This Lakademy I dedicated myself to work with the translation of Plasma 5, the Techbase wiki and some KDE texts. Once the translation of Plasma 5 is almost complete, I did not have much work to be done, only some Gcompris strings still needed translation. The Techbase wiki is being updated since much there still refers to the Plasma 4 and we are already porting everything for the Plasma 5. So, I did not translate many pages because I did not want spend my time with things that are (or will be soon) obsolete.

I also committed myself to do some promotional material for the FISL, an event that we will participate in July, with a KDE stand selling gifts and doing activities on the community. I started doing some arts for t-shirts, stickers and coffee cups, but I not yet finalized it. Well, I’m not exactly a designer, right?:) But I do my best.

LaKademy 2015 group photo

LaKademy 2015 group photo

I also took the opportunity of the event to migrate some things from our old wiki, which we no longer use, to our new site. There were many translation tutorials on the old wiki in our translation team page that were outdated and had some obsolete parts. I migrated all of these tutorials for the new site, I created a new page for our team and I deleted many obsolete things about KBabel and KDE 3 that were in these tutorials. The idea is to turn off this old wiki after migrate the contents that have not yet been migrated. Basically is just missing the history of our events, I did not have time to migrate during LaKademy.

In addition to this migration work, I also created some new pages on our website. I translated the KDE manifesto and I created a page for it in pt_BR, as well as the KDE Community Code of Conduct.

Well, besides, I mentored some people that appeared during the event interested in using and contributing to KDE. Some of them were interested in the translation work and I explained how it was the translation process and how our community worked. I hope that this event will bring us new contributors:)

Photos of the event can be seen here.

I would like to thank the support of KDE e.V. that once again believed in us and in our event. I would also like to thank immensely for all donors of our fundraising campaign for the LaKademy. You were very important in this process!:)

Ajude uma comunidade de software livre, doe!

Se você sempre quis contribuir com alguma comunidade de software livre e nunca soube como, você pode começar colaborando financeiramente. Isso mesmo, as comunidades de software livre também precisam de dinheiro pra se sustentar, e não só do trabalho e da dedicação dos voluntários.

Esse ano, a comunidade de colaboradores do KDE na América Latina, da qual eu tenho orgulho de fazer parte:), está realizando uma campanha de arrecadação de fundos para que possamos realizar mais uma vez o nosso evento, o LaKademy.

Gostaríamos de pedir à todos vocês que colaborem e nos ajudem a reunir os colaboradores do KDE na América Latina, que trabalharão durante 4 dias para que os softwares que você usa fiquem ainda melhores❤

Por favor, contribua!:)

Faça uma doação de qualquer valor:

Nossa comunidade agradece!

Akademy 2014 – I went

Hello everyone!

Finally I had time to write about my participation in Akademy 2014. After the event I had to make another trip to attend the 1st week of free software of Curitiba, Paraná, where I presented two talks, one on the history of free software and other on how to be a KDE translator. Also I had to return to attend classes in my PhD program. In short: I had no time to write. But now I can do this, let’s go then!

It was my second time at Akademy, I had participated in the Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin, Germany. So I already knew more or less what to expect from the event.

For those who do not know, the event took place in Brno, Czech Republic. Brno is the second largest city and has a beautiful architecture, as this church below:


The event activities occurred in Fakulta elektrotechniky a komunikačních technologií VUT v Brně, The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Brno University of Technology.

DSC00844As I am not a programmer and do not understand much of the technical issues I could make better use of non-technical talks or less techniques such as Alex Fiestas talk about his experience in KDE. And the testimony of KDE groups in Asia were also very good, because it’s nice to know what are the experiences that others in the community have in their local groups. Another activity that also caught my attention was the talk of the VDG, because I am passionate about the work they are doing with the look of KDE.:)

To summarize the two days of talks activities were very beneficial for me to know what is happening in KDE and who is doing what. In addition, in the Sponsor Presentations I won a Kubuntu t-shirt <3

Over the next few days I watched some BoFs, as the documentation presented by Mikey Ariel. Documentation is an area that interests me, but that is still quite obscure to me.

Well, the whole event was wonderful for me because I was able to meet the community and share many ideas. And also find Brazilians who I had not seen for some time, as Camila and Helio.:)

Here is a picture of Brazilians at the Akademy 2014😀

img_7718Well, I hope to go to more KDE events and always contribute to them. I would like to thank the KDE e.V for sponsoring my trip to Brno, and also for having helped us to to hold the second Lakademy what happened in the previous week to the Akademy, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Hope to see you all again next Akademy!:)