LaKademy 2016: one more reinvigorating event


Last week happened another edition of the Latin American KDE users and contributors meeting, LaKademy. This year the event took place in Rio de Janeiro, the (really) wonderful city 🙂 Look at this pic and take your own conclusions! 😀

It was a great honor to participate this meeting again. I’ve been participated since Akademy-Br, in 2010, when I became a contributor to community. Like the other years, I worked in translation and promo activities. Me, Frederico and Camila decided to start a review work on all Plasma 5 translation files, messages and docmessages. There are many things that needs to be revised, especially in the documentation files. Moreover, as Brazil implemented a new orthographic agreement recently, we would like to update the translations to follow these changes. Of course, the amount of work is huge, the review process of all these files is tiring and can take a while, so just we started it during the event.

Me and Fred working and having fun!

In addition to this review work, we started working also in updating our glossary. We have a glossary file that we use offline through the Lokalize. But this file needs to be renovated because the last time it seems to have been updated was 2009. Our idea is to make the reviews and from it update this file and then use it to update VP site. VP means Vocabulário Padrão (Standard Vocabulary, in English), it was an old project here in Brazilian free software communities. This website was created in 2014 by Fernando Boaglio with a database that he had from the past when this idea came. The idea of maintaining a website to help the various translation teams is an old project in Brazil, worked in the past but seems to have been abandoned.

VP site print screen

So now we want to return to this idea. We are thinking not only upgrade the vocabulary database, but to create a new interface for the site. Me, Fred and Camila probably will work on this with Henrique‘s help. This is another work that will take a while to get ready 🙂

Well, besides these works with translation I also did some tasks related to promo. During the event we found it would be necessary to make a document, a kind of checklist establishing some rules and guidelines for pre- and post-organizing of LaKademies. So, me and Camila wrote this document to be used as a set of instructions for the next event organizers. As part of my promo tasks, I also make myself available to help prepare promotional materials to be used in the events that we should participate this year in Brazil, FISL and Latinoware.

LaKademy 2016 group photo

Well, I think that’s all. I hope the next meeting we have more participants from other Latin American countries. We are working to make the event even bigger and strengthen the ties with other Latin American contributors. To the end this meeting I came to the following conclusions: the Rio de Janeiro continues beautiful, our community here in Brazil remains a family <3, and KDE community continues being the place where I want to be. This meeting was (once again) reinvigorating 🙂

You can see some LaKademy photos here! 🙂

Autor: Aracele Torres

Historiadora. Pesquisadora de temas relacionados à software livre e tecnologias digitais. Colaboradora da comunidade de software livre KDE.

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