KDE Timeline translated into Chinese

Hi everybody,

After announcing that our timeline was translated into Spanish, now I want to announce that it is also available in Chinese. Thanks to Leslie Zhai now we have one version of the timeline in Chinese simplified.

Screenshot of Chinese version.

Besides that I did some adjustments as captions centralized, images turned into links, and improvement in the captions texts.

If you also have any suggestions, translation, or adjustment, let me know.  Our repository can be cloned here


KDE Timeline translated into Spanish

Hi all,

Thanks to collaboration of Victorhck and Eloy Cuadra, now we also have the KDE 20 years Timeline available in Spanish.

If you would also like to help us increase the reach of our timeline, translating it to another language, you can simply clone our repository here. For security reasons, the written permission in the KDE websites is restricted, but you can clone the repository, enter your translation in the local xml file and then send us the translated file.

If you also have any suggestions or adjustment, let us know. 🙂