My participation in LaKademy 2019

LaKademy 2019 Group Photo

Hi, people! Here I am again telling about how I love this community and like to be part of every activity we organize. Almost two weeks ago we had a new edition of LaKademy, the Latin American KDE Summit, which we’ve been organizing in Brazil since 2012. This edition was held in Salvador, Bahia, for the second time (the 2015 edition was there too).

During the four days we worked there, I dedicate my time to improve LaKademy website. I’ve created a page for this event in 2017 but it needed some adjustments, like a more modern and responsive template. Since some projects in KDE community are adopting a unified template that uses Jekyll, I’ve decided to change LaKademy website to this template too. So I spent my time there first trying to make Jekyll run on my computer (we had some issues with the network from the University the event happened, so it took me almost a day to figure out why some things on my computer were not working 🙂 ) and then trying to learn how Jekyll works 😀

This is how the website looks right now:

It is just a static webpage made in HTML/CSS with some information about each edition. We think this page as just a repository to show information about every edition. For news and updates we always use KDE Brasil webpage or

And this is how the new webpage is looking right now. I am still working on it and it still has a lot of work to do to finish it. But now I will have to do this during my free time, since I couldn’t finish it during the event.

This was once again a very nice event to work with things and people that I like, in a city that I love. We had some new contributors attending to it and we could think of some strategies to make this community stronger during our traditional promo meeting. We’ve created a KDE Brazil Promo group at Telegram to coordinate our promo activities here in Brazil and we hope we can get better at it and reach as much people possible 😀

I would like to thank KDE e.V. to support this event every year and Caio and Icaro for having organized it in Salvador. I’m looking forward to attend to LaKademy 2020! 🙂

Autor: Aracele Torres

Historiadora. Pesquisadora de temas relacionados à software livre e tecnologias digitais. Colaboradora da comunidade de software livre KDE.

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