LaKademy: second and third days

The second day at LaKademy was the FLISOL day! We were invited to present a lecture in Porto Alegre edition of FLISOL. We talked about what is KDE and how someone can contribute to the community. It was a good opportunity to present KDE for beginners here in Porto Alegre, answer questions and also undo some myths about KDE.

Left to right; Tomaz, Sandro, Filipe, Lamarque and me!

After the talk we went to a room that the event’s organizers made available for us. We hacked there and also met people who were interested in knowing more about KDE. At the end of the event we gave away some freebies kde and then we went back to the hostel to continue hacking on our warm space.

LaKademy room on FLISOL: everyone focused on the work

On the third day we started our activities with a meeting to discuss promo. We talked about KDE Latin American actions in recent years and the future actions. We also talked about strategies to attract new contributors and users, which include restructuring our websites and participating in more events about technology. Some proposals  is going to be discussed and matured at Latin America KDE mailing list.

I’m particularly interested in restructuring the Brazilian website, help spreading KDE on the Internet and technology events. For that we thought about creating new promotional material.

Promo section during third day

In the afternoon of the third day we continued with sprint groups and at night we went out with Tux to have dinner, drink and tell jokes. Lots of funt! These meetings make me like KDE even more.

Little tux and big tux

I’m getting sad because the event is ending, but at the same time very happy to have participated and renewed energy to work for the community. So that’s it!

Until next post!


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